Terrene Odyssey

Terrene Odyssey

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Every turn of Terrene Odyssey is the core of an intense JRPG battle! Defeat the enemy party in this competitive 1v1 and 2v2, all-inclusive battle card game modeled after the battle systems of 90's Video Game RPG's.

Choose from over 50 characters in 12 unique classes to create your perfect starting party strategy, then Command them into battle and equip them with Items to defeat the enemy. Level Up! your characters with the perfect Terrain Bonuses to adapt to new challenges and claim ultimate victory!

Jump right into battle with 1 of 6 included pre-constructed deck or customize your own with the 324 cards packed into the box!

Terrene Odyssey is all-inclusive--every card in the game comes in one box. No trading and no boosters!



A new format to play with 3 - 12 friends using the cards you already own!
This free update is available at www.TerreneOdyssey.com




Game Rules have been updated for balance.
View or download the changes at www.TerreneOdyssey.com